Interested in Entrepreneurship?

Me too! And there are a lot of other places to go to learn about it. But there is something missing in the “30 Things YOUR Startup Needs To Be Doing Right NOW!” style blogs. They lack authenticity, connection, vulnerability, and humanity. When you struggle in life or in entrepreneurship, and we all do, the way forward won’t be found in a nice clean listicle. It will be found in the stories of others who have struggled and found a way forward.

I call this blog “Honestly Guggs” because it will always be written in my authentic voice. Here we will talk about entrepreneurship without a load of fluff and pithy cliches. We will discuss founders’ stories as the weird, circular, emotional paths they are. And I will share my own story. Not as a glossy, perfect thing with a beginning, middle, and end but rather as a human story with guilt, shame, pride, luck, friendship and love. Hopefully we all learn something in the process.